An Organic Economy

“Today our concern must be with that future. For the world is changing. The old era is ending. The old ways will not do.” – John F. Kennedy – Democratic National Convention Nomination Acceptance Address, July 15, 1960.

Let’s try something new.

What if we could suddenly invent a dynamic, living, breathing, economic ecosystem that could almost instantly adjust billions of subtle financial relationships, and trillions of complex economic transactions elegantly, one to another?

What if we could create an economy that could almost magically balance the diverse interests of those in need, with the capacities of society’s greatest innovators and producers?

What if we could bring to life an economic ecosystem that could learn, adapt, and grow organically, overcoming its own failures to inspire incredible technological breakthroughs, simultaneously harmonizing the dreams and desires of people across the planet?

We already have.  It is called the free market.

“Compassionate Capitalism” has created the greatest period of growth, progress, and prosperity in human history.  It has enabled 5% of the world’s people to create 25% of the world’s wealth and advancement.

Those people are called “Americans,” and our greatest opportunity for economic growth, progress, and prosperity lies ahead.

Should we grow our economy naturally and organically, like a garden?  Or politically and artificially, like a factory?

The answer lies in our frustration and impatience with what we are doing now.  What we are doing now is failing.  Politicians in Washington, with their crude economic levers, cannot manage our growing economic complexity, even if they are as smart as Tim Geitner, Larry Summers, and President Obama.

It’s time to ditch the old way.  It’s time for a New Republican approach.  It’s time for something fresh.

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