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Post By: Bradley Engle

The New Republican

by Alex Castellanos
Jan. 26, 2010

The National Review article where the New Republican discussion started:

Their party was out of ideas and out of office. It had grown preposterously out of touch, a caricature of economic irresponsibility and elite, Washington-dinner-party values. Then along came Bill Clinton to return Democrats to the political center and teach them how to win.

Governor Bobby Jindal’s Speech to the RNC Winter Meeting

Speech to the RNC
January 24, 2013

“Today’s conservatism is completely wrapped up in solving the hideous mess that is the federal budget, the burgeoning deficits, the mammoth federal debt, the shortfall in our entitlement programs…even as we invent new entitlement programs. We seem to have an obsession with government bookkeeping. This is a rigged game, and it is the wrong game for us to play.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor: ‘Make Life Work’

Speech to AEI
February 5, 2013

“In Washington, over the past few weeks and months, our attention has been on cliffs, debt ceilings and budgets, on deadlines and negotiations. All of this is very important, as there is no substitute for getting our fiscal house in order. There is no greater moral imperative than to reduce the mountain of debt facing us, our children and theirs. The House Republican Majority stands ready for President Obama and his party to finally join us in our efforts to tackle the big problems facing America.”

How Do We Grow Our Economy?

We all want to grow America’s economy. President Obama does. New Republicans do. What’s the best way? President Obama wants to do it the old way. He believes in top-down growth: political and artificial growth directed by Washington. That’s why he’s borrowed and spent and driven our national debt up to $16+ trillion dollars and soaring.


Look around. It is indisputable that big, old, slow, dumb, industrial age government has failed us. In today’s fast moving, complex, dynamic world, government of the industrial age is an anachronism. It doesn’t really govern much of anything, does it?

Survey data and New GOP Policy

So what does America think? Growing America’s economy, not Washington’s, must be the GOP agenda.  Here are parts of an economic growth and jobs agenda, to help New Republicans compete and win. Tax Cuts Stimulate Natural Economic Growth A New Republican believes the best way to grow the economy and create real jobs is naturally […]

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