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The Coming Political Realignment

Donald Trump has done something politically smart and substantively revolutionary. He is a Republican presidential candidate running against free trade and, effectively, free markets. By putting trade at the top of the conversation he elevates the issue on which Hillary Clinton is the most squirrelly, where her position reinforces the message that she will say […]

The Next Conservative Movement

After Trump’s demagoguery, Republicans can revitalize their party by offering bottom-up solutions suited to the diverse, dynamic society America has become

The American right is in crisis. This year’s presidential race, however it turns out, has revealed deep fissures in the Republican coalition. A third to a half of Republican voters in state after state have given their backing to Donald Trump, a divisive demagogue whose case for himself has essentially nothing to do with conservatism. The rest of the party has been left baffled—wondering what has happened to the Republicans and where American politics might be headed…

Republicans Look to Regain Youth Vote

By MATT LEMAS · Daily Trojan The USC Department of Political Science held its first “Political Conversations” event on Monday in the Von KleinSmid Center, hosted by Professor Robert Shrum with political consultant Alex Castellanos leading the discussion. Launched this year, “Political Conversations” is a series that brings together leading analysts of American politics to […]

Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal to join forces in ad

By James Hohmann This article was originally published on 4/4/2014 on the Politico website. Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal appear in a commercial that will air Sunday to promote, a project focused on outlining a positive GOP agenda for the future. The former Florida governor and the current Louisiana governor, both potential 2016 presidential […]

National Affairs: A Conservative Vision of Government

Michael Gerson, former policy advisor and chief of speechwriting for President George W. Bush, is a Washington Post columnist. Peter Wehner, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, served in the last three Republican administrations. The past few years have put the size and role of government at center stage of our […]

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