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Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal to join forces in ad

By James Hohmann This article was originally published on 4/4/2014 on the Politico website. Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal appear in a commercial that will air Sunday to promote, a project focused on outlining a positive GOP agenda for the future. The former Florida governor and the current Louisiana governor, both potential 2016 presidential […]

We Can Be Great Again

by Gov. Jeb Bush
Newsmax Magazine

Today’s conservatives have spent the past several months nursing their wounds from the elections and focusing on deficits, sequestration, and tax policy. This is not misguided. The federal government spends too much, taxes too much, runs up too much debt, and tries to do way too much.

Governor Bobby Jindal’s Speech to the RNC Winter Meeting

Speech to the RNC
January 24, 2013

“Today’s conservatism is completely wrapped up in solving the hideous mess that is the federal budget, the burgeoning deficits, the mammoth federal debt, the shortfall in our entitlement programs…even as we invent new entitlement programs. We seem to have an obsession with government bookkeeping. This is a rigged game, and it is the wrong game for us to play.”

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