New Republican Survey: Equal Opportunity in Education

I’ve been in national politics a long time.  Rarely have I seen numbers in a public opinion poll like these you will find linked below:  they are tremendous. They indicate that support for Equal Opportunity in Education crosses every political divide.

Now, as Republicans, we can do well by doing good:  we have an issue in Equal Opportunity in Education that is true to our principles and wins the support of Democrats, Independents, and Americans of every ethnic heritage and color, from every walk of life.  More importantly, perhaps, is that Equal Opportunity in Education can help a generation of american kids who would otherwise be lost… and are being asked to sit and wait in failing schools, instead of escaping to better ones, right now.

Listen to Gov. Bobby Jindal and Gov. Jeb Bush speak about Equal Opportunity in Education:

At, freedom is always a new idea… and we’re just getting started.

-Alex Castellanos-


National Equal Opportunity in Education Survey Memo

Equal Opportunity in Education Survey PowerPoint

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