The Dumbest Way to Grow Our Economy

What is the dumbest way to grow our economy?

It’s got to be what we are doing now:

  1. Take money out of people’s pockets with higher taxes.
  2. Borrow trillions from our children.
  3. Send the money all the way to Washington.
  4. Hand it over to far-away bureaucrats and distant politicians.
  5. Let them have a lot of meetings and press conferences about it.
  6. Let them pass that money around and wear it out by grinding through the engine of bureaucratic friction.
  7. Let them give tons of it to their friends, contributors, and special interests like Solyndra.
  8. Take what little money is left, staple thousands of pages of artificial and political instructions to it, telling us what we can do with it, and what we can’t.
  9. Then send the remainder back to our pockets, where it all started, to grow the American economy.

Some people are surprised it doesn’t work.

There is a better way:  reverse the process.

Take money out of Washington’s pocket,  send it back to your pocket, so you can grow the economy bottom-up, naturally and organically.

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