We Can Be Great Again

May 30, 2013

by Gov. Jeb Bush


Today’s conservatives have spent the past several months nursing their wounds from the elections and focusing on deficits, sequestration, and tax policy. This is not misguided. The federal government spends too much, taxes too much, runs up too much debt, and tries to do way too much.

But in the end, the conservative movement has to focus on a broader issue — one that surpasses all of these. We have to be a movement of growth and opportunity.

To nearly all fiscal problems, the question for too long has been how much people will give up to afford what they have gotten used to. The conservative response to fiscal problems should be entirely different: How did we get used to this? Can’t we do better?

Our focus needs to be on how can we grow our economy to its potential, make prosperity more broadly felt, and bring more opportunity to those now locked out of our free market system.


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